Treat Launcher

$33 $53

  • REWARD YOUR PET - The Treat Launcher is designed to launch treats for as far as 10-ft, making it a super fun way to train and reward your pet; it's the perfect accessory for active and excitable canines

  • GREAT FOR TRAINING - Most dogs are food motivated when it comes to training. Now you can combine food with active play by rewarding your dog with their favourite ball, disc or cube-shaped treats and launch them up to 10 feet away for your dog to catch or find.

  • CONVENIENT DESIGN - It's lightweight, easy to use, and doesn't require any batteries; take it with you and your dog anywhere for endless fun and entertainment

  • FOR ALL PETS - Cats and dogs both love to play with the automatic treat launching toy. It makes finding treats and snacks into a stimulating game that helps activate their hunting instincts to help keep their brain engaged and entertained.

  • EASY TO USE - Simply load up the launcher with your pet's favourite dry food or snacks and press the launching button to shoot treats where you want! Our design easily fits in your hand and uses a spring-loaded mechanism so no batteries are required!