Scratch Box


🏠 Welcome to the Scratch Box- where your feline friend's wildest dreams come true! 🐱🏰

🌟 Overview:

  • Ventilated: This cat haven provides the purrfect amount of airflow to keep your kitty comfortable, whether it's spring, summer, fall, or winter.
  • Four Seasons: All-season enjoyment? Check! Your cat can now have year-round fun.
  • All in One: It's a scratching board, a cozy hideaway, and a fun playground all rolled into one.
  • DIY Easy Assembly: No need to hire a construction crew – you can assemble this fantastic feline fortress with ease!

🐾 Instructions: To make this cat paradise even more enticing, sprinkle some of the included catnip on the scratching board toy. The unique aroma of catnip will draw your furry friend in like a moth to a flame, making them absolutely fascinated!

🏰 Product Information:

  • Material: Made from sturdy corrugated paper, this Cat Grinding Cat Board is built to endure even the most enthusiastic claw-sharpening sessions.
  • Product Category: It's not just a cat house; it's a Cat Grinding Cat Board that will have your kitty's claws looking sharp and fabulous.
  • Product Size: A generous 504032cm, providing plenty of room for your cat's curiosity.

πŸ“¦ Packing List:

  • Cat House Double Ladder: 1
  • Endless Cat Adventures: Included

🐈 Why Your Cat Will Love It: This cat house is the ultimate playground for your furball. It's not just a place to lounge or scratch; it's an adventure waiting to happen. Whether your cat is feeling playful, sleepy, or in the mood for a good scratch, this cat house has them covered!

πŸŽ‰ Get Ready for Cat-tastic Fun: Add the Cat House Double Ladder to your cart and let the cat adventures begin! Your feline friend will be in kitty heaven with their new hideout, scratching post, and all-around fun zone.🐾🌟