Rhino Shape Adjustable Pure Silicone Muzzle


Rhino Shape Adjustable Pure Silicone Muzzle

Key Features:

  • Unique Rhino Shape Design: This dog muzzle features a distinctive rhino shape, adding a touch of whimsy while ensuring functionality.
  • High-Quality Material: Made from pure silicone, this muzzle is both durable and gentle on your dog's skin.
  • Comfortable and Breathable: The design ensures comfort for your dog, with enough space for breathing and panting.
  • Odorless Material: Made from non-toxic, odorless silicone, ensuring it is safe and pleasant for your dog to wear.
  • Adjustable Fit: Comes in various sizes with adjustable straps, ensuring a perfect fit for different dog breeds and sizes.


  • Material: High-grade, pure silicone.
  • Sizes:
    • Small (S): Mouth circumference 10-13cm
    • Medium (M): Mouth circumference 13.5-16cm
    • Large (L): Mouth circumference 16-18cm
    • Extra Large (XL): Mouth circumference 18-20cm


  • Beautiful and Comfortable: Aesthetically pleasing design that doesn't compromise on your dog's comfort.
  • Breathable: Allows for normal breathing, making it suitable for longer periods of use.
  • Odorless: Free from chemical smells, making it more acceptable to sensitive dogs.

Ideal For: This muzzle is perfect for dogs who need a muzzle for vet visits, grooming, or to prevent unwanted behaviors like biting or chewing. Its adjustable and comfortable design makes it suitable for both short and long-term use. The Rhino Shape Adjustable Silicone Dog Muzzle combines functionality with style, ensuring your dog's comfort and safety while adding a fun, whimsical touch to their appearance.