Multi-functional Water Bottle


Multi-Functional Water Bottle: Convenience for You and Your Pet On-the-Go

Embark on outdoor adventures with your furry friend effortlessly equipped with our Multi-Functional Pet Accompanying Mug. Available in vibrant yellow, pink, blue, and green colors, this 300ml mug is designed not just to hydrate your pet but also to assist in maintaining cleanliness during your outings. It's an all-in-one solution for the pet owner who loves to explore the outdoors with their canine companion.

Key Features:

  • Colorful Variety: Choose from Yellow, Pink, Blue, or Green to suit your style or match your pet's personality.
  • Perfect Size: With a capacity of 300ml, it's perfectly sized to quench your dog's thirst during walks, hikes, or travels.
  • Dual Functionality:
    1. Water Feeder: Easily feed your dog water outdoors, ensuring they stay hydrated on the go.
    2. Waste Management: Equipped with a trash bag compartment at the bottom and a shovel on the side, it makes handling your dog’s waste convenient and sanitary.


  1. Hydrate Your Pet: Use it to offer water to your dog during outdoor activities.
  2. Clean Up on the Go: Utilize the integrated trash bag and shovel to efficiently clean up after your pet.

Why Choose Our Pet Accompanying Mug?

Our Multi-Functional Pet Accompanying Mug is more than just a water container; it's a comprehensive tool for outdoor pet care. The integrated waste management tools make it incredibly practical for walks, hikes, or any outdoor adventure. It's designed to make your life easier while ensuring your pet stays hydrated and your surroundings clean.

Perfect for Outdoor Enthusiasts:

Whether you’re an avid hiker, a regular at the park, or simply enjoy long walks with your pet, this mug is a perfect companion. Its compact design and multifunctional capabilities make it an essential item for every outing.

Order Yours Today:

Stay prepared and efficient on your outdoor adventures with our Multi-Functional Pet Accompanying Mug. Select your favorite color and add convenience to your outdoor pet care routine!