Comfy Pet Bed


Introducing the Comfy Pet Bed - the ultimate luxury retreat for your furry friend! 🐾

🌈 Let's dive into this pet paradise with a rainbow of options:

🌟 Colorful Choices: Small drag chicken, Nordic gray, Ice Cream, Chicken, Nordic Ash - pick your pooch's favorite hue or mix and match for some serious style!

🏡 Simple Square Nest: This nest is perfect for your general audience - cats, dogs, and all in-between!

📏 Applicable Sizes: We've got a size for every furball! Choose from 70X55cm (recommended for pets up to 25 kg), 80X60cm (style upgrade for pets up to 45 kg), 90X70cm (fully machine washable for pets up to 70 kg), 50X40cm (double comfort for pets up to 5 kg), or 60X45cm (recommended for pets up to 10 kg). We've got recommendations for the whole furry family! 🐶🐱

🌟 Bundle Bonanza: Not only do you get an incredible nest, but you can also bundle it with a variety of add-ons - summer mat, blanket, and the pièce de résistance - ham sausage! 🌭

🍦 I-Scream for Ice Cream: Want to treat your pet to something special? Opt for the Ice Cream version with an ice silk pad for a touch of cool comfort.

🐔 Chick Magnet: Choose the Chicken edition and add an ice silk pad for a dash of whimsy in your pet's cozy corner.

🔥 Nordic Elegance: Select the Nordic Gray or Nordic Ash style for a touch of Scandinavian sophistication.

🧼 Machine Washable: Worried about pet messes? Fret not! The 90X70cm version is fully machine washable, making clean-up a breeze.

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