Shiba Bambinos

£24.99 £34.99

Shiba Bambino GifDiscover the world of adorable Shiba Bambino plushies, each uniquely outfitted to capture your heart! Decked out in stylish glasses, cozy jumpers or chic dungarees, and topped with fashionable hats or charming headpieces, these cuddly companions also come with their very own satchel for that perfect finishing touch

Standing at a cute 30cm, Shiba Bambinos are designed for endless fun and fashion swaps, allowing you to mix and match their outfits and accessories. Dive into a playful world where dressing up your Bambino becomes a delightful expression of your personal style and creativity

Join the Shiba Bambino craze and get inspired by the latest fashion trends in the plushie universe. Show off your flair and let your Bambino shine with its unique looks. It's not just a plushie; it's your next fashion statement