Elevated Food Table and Bowls

£49.99 £89.99

 🐾 Stylish Design: The Scandinavian design is available in Black or Gray and looks effortlessly stylish in any modern decor. It's perfect for doggo or kitty din-dins!

🐾Vertebrae Protection: Constructed to protect your pet's neck and spine with its height specific design. Your pet can relax at mealtime with decreased neck strain and pressure. The reduced joint stress is great for mature pets

🐾Removable Tray and Bowls: This set comes with two large stainless-steel bowls that remove easily to refill and clean. The tray is also removable, and the table's sits at a height for bespoke elevated comfort

🐾High Quality and Durable: The solid non-slip base ensures that the bowls stay firmly in place and the frame is water-resistant. Rubber anti-slip pads at the ends of the legs prevent the elevated stand from moving around while eating or drinking. Also, silicone mats on bowl insets to effectively enhance the stability of the bowls

🐾Easy to Clean: Elevated pet bowls keep food off the floor and provide a tidy eating experience. The Pet Food Table and Bowls can be wiped clean to keep them fresh!

🐾Kenshin Approved: The Pet Food Table has Kenshin’s seal of approval